Meditations & Mindfulness

You are the Whole Universe


Our souls came from the very essence of the universe.

We have lived for an infinite of years,

with the very fundamentals of you and I,

containing origins of atoms which constructed the

masterpiece and art of the earth itself.

We continuously collided, travelled and yearned for a greater force.

A force that may allow for all your wild energy and mischief

inherited from your forefathers

(lingering remnants of the past) to settle within you.

Like sediment travelling from mountains to mouth of sea.


Simultaneously we have grown: physically and genetically,

through pain and the darkest of shadows.

How can the darkest whims of days hinder your greatness?

How may it be so?

For I shall utter what I see now and eternally.

Our existence can only be seen and portrayed as light,

for we evolved through the absolute chaos of fire and dust.

From a universe that once was lacking with void and darkness.

We are resilient and we shall conquer further;

only shine brighter, beyond stars and suns themselves.

Divine evolution.

That was our past and this is our future.

You are the universe.

Her very roar and glory resides within you.

Find her.

Seek yourself, rise and rise again.

Utilise all of that greatness and you shall see the might,

that can reflect even the greatest of winds…..

Fatima Elmusbahi