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Top 5 Winter Books To Read


We all know that winter books to read are not a matter to be taken lightly.

They require much consideration and pre-thought upon selection. They need to be books that you can imagine yourself cooped up in a corner by a wood lit fire, or wrapped up under tonnes and tonnes of layers, huddled up on a train journey somewhere. The best winter books are ones that you can escape with, and find parts of yourself in the warmth of your soul. Have you ever heard of such a winter book- not forgetting to mention 5 of them? I have, and I want to share them with you. With Christmas and New Year come and gone, you are guaranteed to be needing more than one as you make your way back home from seeing your families, or when you are isolated from the world, seeking a moment to yourself. Here are my top 5 books to read this winter.

Rise by Adil Dad

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A book made for the philanthropists and spiritually woken entities out there, its separated into 5 key chapters: Rise, Yearning, Reveries, Hope and Unison. It represents the key stages and questions one must articulate to themselves in their journey of progression, spiritual elevation, unity and self-compassionate love. There are such great depths in Adil’s words that spark wisdom and make you as the reader dig truthfully deep and honestly with yourself. I definitely read this at a time in my life when I needed to empower myself in all the attributes this book gives you. Wanting a winter book to read that lifts your winter blues and brings you that much more connected with yourself? We all know new year is a time where we want to invest in ourselves-this book is the one for that. A message of self-love like no other, I promise.

Mettle by Lilliana Dee

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I read this book immediately upon its release. It’s a must-read winter book that takes you through the reminiscent life of Lilliana herself. A very raw select of pages that make you relate and wonder off into your own relationships with the experiences that unfold in the book. Not only do we see extracts and moments within her life, we see poems that represent parts of her, parts she doesn’t show as a public figure within social media. This book is an emblem of female empowerment and definitely highlights the humour and emotion that can occur as you grow up. It triggers memories that often remain locked away and if anything makes you appreciate your own journey that much more. Normalising the pain, the laughter, the dreams and all the moments we would rather forget. It takes a powerful artist and visionary to use nostalgia as a way of connecting to her audience. Lilliana, I salute you.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

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Definitely as I am sure you will all agree, this book has touched the hearts and souls of many, within the years since its release. A classical take on poetry, Rupi cuts directly to the heart and finds her way to the deepest parts of you that you once were locked away as closed chapters; never to be looked back upon again. I definitely dote on this book and feel that this book is not just one of the many winter books you should read-it’s an everyday kind of book. A book that speaks to your soul and in essence takes you on a journey in hopes of greater healing within the universe of yourself. I often say the human soul is a complex one, yet Kaur reflects parts of me so boldly and reminds me that the journey of a woman is a powerful one, one that I should never underestimate nor be ungrateful for.

Note to Self by Connor Franta

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I have to admit; this next choice in my winter books to read is just so beautiful to look at, without getting to the part of actually reading it! Franta’s book is a gateway and memoir representation of the life challenges he faced. When you read this, you come across small poems that are used to express his emotions, which always are so open and honest. In just a few small sentences Franta uses powerful imagery and words to express the trials and tribulations that he faced in life. Its raw, honest and powerful- highlighting how life is never as picture perfect as it always seems, nor is it black and white. Connor introduces a lot of grey into his explanations, thoughts and feeling. Introducing to his audience an understanding and profound respect for themselves in their own personal paths; a self-acceptance and a will and face to appreciate all spectrums of thoughts and wild emotions that you may come across.

Memories Unwound by Ruby Dhal

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The final book choice in the winter books to read, Ruby gives to her audience a series of poems and extracts that key in to their emotions and memories. Memories that are mixed upon reflection-the whole journey of loving, pain and the in-between feelings. The whole aim of her work, is for her readers to have hope of finding peace within themselves. A healing meditation of reviving old memories, with greater purpose of putting them to rest, in light of creating many more new ones. I always have found healing in all her pieces of work. She is a visionary and I definitely recommend your start with this book if you are new to her work.

If you are looking to make reading a new habit this coming 2020, make these winter book selections feature in your reading list. To get into habit of practicing positivity and consistent habits, we need to be able to feed our souls with the self-love it deserves-to allow for that mindful reawakening we all seek. These books definitely did that for me; I hope they too make a similar impact on all of you.

Happy New Year,

Fatima Elmusbahi xo

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