Meditations & Mindfulness

The World is a Reflection of You


“People can only ever meet you with the same depth that they have already met within themselves.”

Never has something related to me, more than this quote itself.

We often, as individuals go about pinpointing our failures on particular moments within life, rather than taking the responsibility of not manifesting opportunities within ourselves and for ourselves. It makes complete sense though, doesn’t it? You can never manifest a relationship, with a depth and level that you have not founded within yourself. Every manoeuvre, every journey and life experience, will reflect the level of your own interpersonal relationship you have with yourself, existing at this present moment. You limit or expand to the extent of that experience, before you have even embarked on it.

The universe is defined as a core of experience, or as Amir Sulaiman so boldly weaves, the uni-verse is one poem, to which we all are moving metaphors, similes and lines within that one poem. So, my understanding of this is we are in fact, in complete control of how we want our verse of the entire literature of the universe to go. To open the universe and its possibilities, is to first open the core of this source within us. We are after all, children of the universe are we not? The very atoms of the origins of time itself flow through our veins; and yet we are so melancholy in the way we go about our lives. Why the mundanity? When every step, every dance, is a dance with the interwoven connections that the universe has written within her pages- we only need to read it and embrace every line. I do too, write and read with metaphors and similes, but it is only because the universe has allowed me to do so. I have opened my entire consciousness to her.

Once you realise your network to all that exists, you will come to see how you are not far away from that connection yourself. To build connections is to first be willing to open connections to yourself. This knowledge is an embodiment of truths. Not just an acceptance. You must dye your soul to the colours you seek, and the world will illuminate to that exact vision you wonder and float upon. And, when I say ‘float’ I do not mean to lose control, I mean to move in unison to the universe, because when you do, life will be everything that is good.

How can you actively seek love, when you are not a pillar of love yourself? The love and honesty you feed yourself, is the exact same-if not more, that you will teach others to love, respect and honour you. We all need to start from somewhere. This lesson is whispered through the entire universe and its present existence. Before life followed, before miracles came to be, there was void and darkness. From the source of love, light and truth, you and I have woken from that very solitary emptiness and slumber. We must mirror the embodiment of that divine, not as replicas, but as walking, moving, laughing and loving creatures.

So, when you are truly honest with yourself, when you acknowledge your darkness, your emptiness, that is when there is the courage to grow. All darkness and void, is seeking light to embody. It is the law of life. The law of love. The very secret to our existence.

Do not think to hold back, because life will hold back on you. The change we seek will always, always, begin from the love and light we open up too, within the universe of ourselves. All you witness in life is a mirror to the soul you carry. Let it not be a burden.


Love, light and all that is good.

Fatima Elmusbahi