Meditations & Mindfulness

The Notion of Life


We are born to die.

We exist, and our own existence is but a blink within all of the universe.

How can we be deemed as significant, when we have so many variables that are greater than are own entities?

We depend on such to physically be able to take a step and ‘’be’’.

Chemicals within the surrounding air to breath, Mechanical operation within our bodies etc.

All of these interactions occurring without your mindful awareness.

You depend on this natural law and constitution which operates you.

  • You depend to EXIST.


So how can one not comprehend there is a greater power;

A greater beyond that runs simultaneously for your benefit.

We forget.

We take for granted miracles which have allowed for you and I.



Take a moment out from the perpetual incomings and outgoings within your life.

The moment you realise the absolute perfection of life,

You will be humbled to the core of your being.

For you and I are almost nothing within all of that which has been created.

A ripple within the essence of time itself.

Fatima Elmusbahi