Culture & Soul

The Might of She


Fear that resides within is indeed a brewing, conspiring affair

that can interact and inflict with the very art of your living.

Your ability to create,

your ability to live beyond merely existing

-all diminished by the will of your hand.

And fear of what one may ask?

For behold is a woman!

By nature,

you were made to construe a biological fashion.

A mechanical will to create life and hold the antidote of love,

that is cherished eternally through the ages.


Beyond your conformity,

lays your alluring nature.

Your features so bold and unrefined.

Why must one admire Michael D’Angelo,

when amidst their very eyes is art.

Such might of a woman that lays before I,

such might of a woman that lays before he.

The might of a lion in form of a she.


Within your trail of thoughts,

you wander,


A raging war finding the will to emit such mighty roar

in earnest motions of wind, fire and earth and water.

You wish to smite them with your glory,

to honour and conquer further by the likes of your predecessors:

Pankhurst, Beauvoir, Friedan, Hooks.

They too, had taken responsibility of wielding such great greatness.

They too sacrificed and lingered within moments of fear such as yourself.


Rest assured difficult roads lay ahead.

For the road untraveled is not paved nor parallel,

not by any means.

The battles you must face,

by the will of yourself

– you shall rid all ‘be gone’ with might and grace.

They would utter such words:

‘here before us lies a woman with a big mouth,

a woman that has no means to unite the world

-never mind the North and South.’



Yet here before yourself you stand.

A woman,

which by no means does that entail to be a weakness.

You WILL be woman that will no longer be loudly opinionated,

just within her residing mind.

You ARE a woman that shows no promise of reform,

nor oppression.

And you shall never know of consuming fear again.

Living for the moment,

in the moment.

Using procured wounds of living

as a remembrance and glory of your past curiosities.


Fatima Elmusbahi