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The London Diaries!


“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love …”

Marcus Aurelius


My dearest readers, what a beautiful day to seize opportunities!

So, let us begin. This is the second post to follow up on the style/fashioned theme content. I recently made a trip to London this past week for pure relaxation and a break from my everyday responsibilities and obligations. Let’s just say, it involved a lot of walking, shopping and eating! Although something which I wanted to add is I tried not to get too caught up on social media, savouring the rare and precious moments I got to spend with my dearest and beloved friends- who live so very far away from my location Manchester, so I only got to shoot one of three outfits…..


We have approached winter, so temperatures have dropped significantly, (around 8 degrees Celsius during my trip) therefore my main priority was to incorporate an outfit that will keep me warm and cosy. I wore a thick fleece lined aviator jacket, above a black ribbed high neck cami top. The bottom details were some high waisted mom jeans, folded up at the hem and made to securely fit at the waist with my Gucci Marmont belt. Supportive footwear is vital for me- I pick comfort over looks any day, yet I was lucky to score both in one shoe! YAY!

My thick soled biker boots (which I do admit are from a few seasons ago), screamed my favourite vibes- 90’s vintage grunge. They have a very similar appearance to Dr. Martens, which were very prominent in every 90’s babes wardrobe right?


Something my loyal instagramers may have noticed, is I have recently sought an abrupt change within my styling of the hijab/headscarf. I have opted for a light turban wrap, which drapes across the neck for modest chest coverage. Change is always good I think, wouldn’t you agree?

I am feeling an Instagram video/tutorial on how I achieved this look alongside my everyday makeup tutorial… stay tuned and find out!



Aviator Jacket: Bershka, £59.99

Mom Jeans: Topshop, £42

Black Ribbed cami: New look, £12.99

‘GG Buckle Belt’/ Marmont Belt: Gucci, £320

Dionysus small GG bag: Depop, £500

Biker Boots: H&M, £29.99 (sold out past season)

Watch and Cuff in ‘Classic Petite Reading’ and ‘Classic cuff Rose gold’:

Daniel Wellington, £99 & £39