Culture & Soul

The courage of seeking you


The stars conjoined within all of dust order and matter,

Where put to shame by all of her.

They were but too dim.

For her (singularly),

Had enough chaos,

Enough mischief,

To seduce the universe at her worship.

She was an example of beauty,

one that could not be compared

but merely longed and lusted for.

When he gazed beyond her conformity,

He fell deep into her depths whole and willingly.

She intoxicated him,

Yet he knew not of falling……

For now,

his act of courage to give his soul as he did

-in exchange for her depths

resulted in him never wishing to leave.

Without the warmth of her bare soul,

he would be stripped bare against the harsh beyond.


Gasping for calm breath and motions,

that could only be sought within unison of another


No, he quite liked where he was.

For he was home.

Fatima Elmusbahi