Culture & Soul

The Beacon of Our Youth


I Remember not so long ago,

A fond memory.

A beacon of our shared youth.

I was lying down on a Sunday afternoon with you.

It was raining,

The moist wet patters that constantly disputed us so,

against our closed windows.

Seeking us out, to embrace raw adventure.

To dance and dance again,

as if no one was watching.

To drench ourselves wet to the soul with carefree laughter.

Yet this day differed from the rest.

It was the day

-An epiphany of such;

I realised that in fact adventure was not needed to be sought.

We didn’t need to actively seek it out

-It in fact existed in the simplest of places.

Places that could be overlooked and taken for merely existing.

To but bask within each other’s soul was as liberating as any other venture

we had come across.

(Even more so…).

To hear beyond the still moments,

Ah but to just grasp the calmness,

to seize it and relish such glorious time spent with you!

An adventure that seemed to but last forever,

To wander within the stillness,

To wander within the silence

And alas!

Here I lay, always finding myself with non-other but you.

The beacon of my youth.

•Fatima Elmusbahi•