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My Winter Look-book


My Winter Look-book


Winter is a time where everywhere is frosted up and all you have a want of doing is cuddling up to something (or someone ehm ehm) and possibly enjoying a hot cocoa with some nice long Netflix chilling sessions. Yet, let’s be frank, this is highly unrealistic, I mean we have jobs to do, right? We have places to go and people to see and for that very reason its highly important to look the part too, because we can hardly show up with our duvets around our necks, can we? Winter is the season of layering-but layering fabulously at that with style, elegance and complete uniqueness.

Within this piece today, I want to show you the key pieces that carried me through this winter from Italy, to London and my city Manchester-I give you my winter look-book!


Biker boots and leather

The first outfit we have here is my 90’s inspired get-up. You will find leather jackets have always been a prominent piece within fashion, and you find thrift stores filled with many different kinds of variants of jackets like the one I am wearing. However, this one in particular I got from my shopping expeditions in Oxford Circus, Stradivarius. The jacket itself is knee length with buttons and a belt, so how you fasten it depends on how you prefer it. I particularly enjoy wearing this like a trench and therefore, fastening the belt round the back of my waist. I teamed the leather look up with a cosy white knit that had an extravagant hem, meaning it could be tucked nicely within jeans or any other preferred bottom wear. The jeans I selected for this combination were very loose mom jeans and really ideal for everyday on the go kind of days-and wait until you hear the price! They were for a really cheap £14,99 from H&M, and even though I could only find a size bigger than my true size, I justified the purchase for the price and the idea they would look great oversized with a belt to hold them on my waist.

Accessories and shoes

Topshop ‘Considered Oslo Chunky Black Boot’ were worn with this, alongside my new Warehouse bag that was a dupe for the Chloe Faye bag! My headscarf is an older season of Inayah, that I purchased a while ago.


Layered to the max

This outfit was put together for a chic layered and put together casual outfit. I always find when its winter, if you want to style your look well and it’s too cold to take your outwear off, then you definitely need to make sure the outerwear is put together and effortless. For this look, its aim was to keep me warm for my shopping extravaganzas in the city of Birmingham. I wore an oversized grey coat from H&M, that is ideal if you want to layer the sweaters on underneath-and believe me I did just that! Underneath the jacket, I wore a black woollen polar neck, that had a very accentuated neck so you can alter the look to an off shouldered look too. Skinny jeans balanced the whole outfit out, as what I seem to find is that when you layer heavily, it can completely drown you! So, by wearing skinny jeans on my bottom half, it gave the outfit more structure and my figure wasn’t swamped in excess clothing.

Accessories and shoes

Again, like the previous outfit I decided to pair this look with the Topshop ‘Considered Oslo Chunky Black Boot’. They are really sturdy and definitely scream a 90’s vibe to my overall outfit, no? The finishing touches came from my Tory Burch bag, which I dote on so much! It is a kind of bag that looks classy and can be very versatile in the way you wear it. Dress it up or down, that’s completely up to you.


Structured and Edgy

This outfit was worn for one of my days shared in Italy. Surprisingly the weather was so much warmer then where I am from (Manchester), so I took my coat off in the middle of December, while roaming the streets of Milan! So, getting down to business, you will find that I kept my look elegant and classy, with an edge. I paired a Mango blazer with a unique tee labelled ‘Influencer’ from Zara and teamed it up with my favourite skinnies-the shape and lift edition from New Look.

Accessories and shoes

The scarf was from Primark and had a really nice soft and woollen texture. I loved the colour scheme of it and the featuring of nudes and browns; it’s very autumnal/wintery. It harmonised well with my chequered blazer.

I am hoping to do a lot more of these style look-books for you guys, for all the coming up seasons. Yes, they will be from different countries around the world, as my main aim for 2020 is to travel in the great beyond. I hope you enjoyed my key looks from the past season.
Fatima xo
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