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Top 5 Favourite Spots for a Bite to Eat in Manchester



is a city within the heart of the Northwest of England boasting an array of cuisines. For individuals that are visiting Manchester for the likes of business and pleasure, or a local seeking food to tease and elevate their taste pallets. The food game within this city can be highly competitive and hard to select from. Instagram advertising is at its peak, with every restaurant displaying aesthetically pleasing photos of food and interiors.

So, what is a hungry fellow to do?

Here are 5 great places I find myself drawn to, from hidden gems to highly raved about and undeniably prestige locations!


1.  Scene


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Indian cuisine is well-known in the dining out lifestyle, particularly Manchester. The ‘curry mile’ is literally 2 miles down the road from this location, with countless generic copies claiming to have the best food from the east at particularly low prices. Yet why select this restaurant above the others?

The answer here is purely service and authenticity.The food itself is rich, satisfying, colourful and the combination of flavours wake the dormant part of your taste buds that have never been used before. A food pick to try from this menu is the buttermilk chicken curry- a rich earthy combination, with a sweet and savoury undertone. Definitely an optimum choice for people who prefer mild spices. Yet if you are a daredevil seeking thrill and an extra subtle kick-tell your waiter the chef can go wild with the chillies! Within the whole dining experience, a twist of Arab finesse is also added, with an outside and fully heated shisha garden. Price ranges are an average of £25 per head, for a two-course meal.


2.  Evelyn’s Café Bar

shakshuka 240x300 - Top 5 Favourite Spots for a Bite to Eat in Manchester


This restaurant is an all-day round the clock option, with menus suited to the meal vibe your appetite desires: breakfast, lunch dinner and for the sweet tooth’s out there- dessert! The venue itself screams a homely vibe, with a unique ambience of dimmed lights, an open kitchen and a menu varying from gluten free, vegan and meat filled options. The dishes here are influenced by cuisines from around the world such as Mediterranean, Middle eastern, South and Southeast Asia. Food picks from this menu to try are the Shakshuka (which is an ideal brunch situation), that is a raging combat of tastes ranging from ripe sweet tomatoes, red onions and a heatwave of harissa which doesn’t hit the pallet until after you take your first bite!


3.  Fress Café Restaurant


fres  e1554512443595 300x169 - Top 5 Favourite Spots for a Bite to Eat in Manchester


Voted best brunch of Manchester 2017, this all-day café and restaurant is flourished with elegance and a 1920’s Parisian finesse from the moment you walk through the door. Located in the hippy,  area of Manchester Northern Quarter, it is ideal for a more functional occasion. Although prices are just that little bit higher, it is a dining experience like no other, with unique flair, interiors and even all staff employed are French natives! A Top pick to try out is the French style toast. A sweet assortment of exotic fruit, zesty flavours, alongside aromatic notes from the vanilla ice cream that is lavished with a nutty pecan syrup for a complete masterpiece.


4.  Afghan cuisine


Mantu Afghan cuisine  300x200 - Top 5 Favourite Spots for a Bite to Eat in Manchester


Afghani cuisine is highly underappreciated and a rarity to locate within the city of  Manchester. However, this hidden diamond in the rough is located within the curry mile, Wilmslow road. Ideal for students (with bank loving prices) or people

rushing for a quick bite to eat in, or to take away. It’s perfect for anyone on the lookout for traditional homemade styled food from the very urban heart of Kabul itself. For those wishing to take a bite out of their menu, try their traditional dish Mantu with a side dish of Kabuli Palaw rice. This dish by no means rages with your taste buds in terms of spices, it in fact does quite the opposite. A carefully composed selection of subtle spices such as cumin, cinnamon and turmeric that harmoniously bring the meat stuffing within the dumplings to life.


5.  Thaikhun


Pad thai 300x200 - Top 5 Favourite Spots for a Bite to Eat in Manchester


A restaurant located in the central of multiple dining experiences-Spinningfields Manchester, Thaikun bursts out individuality with its authentic Thai cuisine. It’s as if you are sitting in the core of the bustling streets of Bangkok itself! As soon as you enter the restaurant, a wave of ginger and spices hit your sense of smell. Be sure to note that dishes here are for the bold and brave, and if spices are not your cup of tea- be sure to ask the waiter for more info on the combinations involved within your meal selection. A meal suggestion to try here is the classical dish Pad Thai. The sweet array of textures within a nutty undertone of noodles make this a sensation of plate, with a different twist on the originals you may have tried previously before, from other branches that host Thai food i.e. Wagamama. Furthermore, it’s a student friendly place that offers 20% off your entire bill with a valid identification card. Yay!

Are you from Manchester? Where are your top 5 locations to eat in this beautiful city?
Make sure you comment down below and share with your fellow #Mancunians!

Happy eating everyone,

Fatima xo