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Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review


Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s latest blog piece-a beauty review.


I recently took a spontaneous trip to Marc Jacobs Beauty in Harvey Nichols, feeling eager to try something new for my skin, as well as add to my makeup routine-mix it up a little.

I decided to get the basics that consisted of:

  • Shameless Youthful look 24-hour Foundation, in the shade Fair Y110
  • Mascara, Velvet Noir
  • Sugar High Nude lip trio (Lip pencil, Lip Crème and Lip Lacquer)
  • Bronzer, O! Mega Coconut Perfect Tan Bronzer

I also contemplated at the time to also purchase the ‘Air Blush’ blusher compact in the shade ‘Lines and Last Night’. However, in all honesty I was not completely satisfied with the outcome of the pigment on my skin, when the makeup consultant tried it on me. So, I ultimately decided to neglect the whole idea altogether, as what can be assumed with such a prestigious brand like Marc Jacobs-is prestigious prices (if you know what I mean). I knew I would only wear that blush once for the makeup shots and then disown it entirely from my makeup routine….so it was a definite no.

Application of the products

So, when It came to the application of the foundation, I prepped my skin with a small sample (that came free with all my purchases) of Marc Jacobs Under (cover) perfecting coconut primer. This worked surprisingly well, helping hold my makeup the whole day without any signs of movement or reduced pigmentation of my foundation on the skin. It also had a very pleasant smell from the fragranced coconut within the cream-yet was not too heavily fragranced to cause any irritation, as my skin is quite sensitive. The foundation itself was medium coverage/borderline light meaning It suited my makeup regime as I still like my freckles to show through with a layer of foundation. The texture was not cakey at all and rather dew like- yet the primer aided to that effect also. They worked very well in combinative effort. Quick note to add-those who are privy to the face and body foundation by MAC may like this product also.

foundation 2 e1552941540398 225x300 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review                                          foundation 225x300 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review

The next step of my beauty regime, after applying primer and foundation, is contouring. I have never really been about the liquid contouring trend, as in all honesty it is too much effort for me (a girl who literally gives herself 20 minutes to be up and out of the house) and the heaviness of layers of product just make me wince a little. I feel like I’m drowning-drama queen much (I know). So, powder contouring is definitely my cup of tea! I usually use the Benefit Hoola bronzer which is quite dark for my fair skin, so I never usually need a lot and try to blend it out as much as I can, however the consistency of the O! Mega comes out much lighter and buildable which I really liked. I felt it was compatible with my skin type completely.

contour 1 300x225 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review

Contour 2 300x200 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review

Applying mascara for me, is about attaining that long-lasting curl to accentuate my lashes and eye shape. My eyelashes are quite long naturally but grow straight! So, I have to curl my lashes and apply a waterproof mascara to fix and hold it into place. After buying the velvet noir mascara I was greatly disappointed-but that was purely due to being sold the product falsely. I did ask specifically upon going to the Marc Jacobs counter for a mascara that had waterproof qualities and the sales assistant obviously misunderstood me or did not have much knowledge of the products themselves. Yes it gives volume, but it ended up (unfortunately) looking like a clumpy mess on my straight lashes. But I have no doubt with the brush itself of the mascara, it will highly benefit you ladies with naturally curled lashes.

lips 1 225x300 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review

Lips 2 225x300 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review

Moving on to the final products (and my favourite of the bunch) the lip trio…So, this combination came completely handbag friendly-with it’s cute miniature sizes. In addition to being a ready made lip kit-as provided is a lip pencil (to modestly or generously line your lips i.e. move over Kylie Jenner!), a lipstick and lip cream. Therefore meaning so many lip looks could be achieved. I particularly liked the lip lacquer above the lip liner, as the formula was so moisturising and a universal colour that will go with pretty much anything, from a casual look to a more evening appropriate essential. In addition to this, the lip liner in fact blended really well on my cheeks due to its creamy texture- giving me a perfect peachy/pink combined glow. Not all was lost without a blusher in this haul, as i coincidently found an alternative! So how did I do it you say? Well, I did three small dots on the apple of my cheeks and with the warmth of my fingers, blended in circular motions for the finished look. I would have to say this by far was my favourite purchase of the year for lip makeup, the versatility and value for the trio made me a very satisfied girl!

My complete look

Final look 2 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review

Final look 1 - Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Review