Collaborations X Fatima Elmusbahi

In connection with my social media account Instagram, which expands across Lifestyle & Literature I also provide interaction and collaboration opportunities within:

Articles and Content creation

Content writing & Copywriting

Writing is my greatest passion; I can contribute to developments in written projects which broaden across many scopes such as copy for branding to propagate developing businesses, website and blog content creation, magazine and editorial features or even unique spoken word/collaborations with artists and visionaries.

Fashion Culture

Fashion culture

I can represent modest fashion brands and work alongside you for digital campaigns such as modelling photography shoots and video promotions.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

I am a qualified nutritional scientist with the knowledge and understanding to intuitively organise everyday diet to suit lifestyle. I can provide unique guidance to ensure you successfully fuel your everyday life!

Poetry Workshops

Poetry Workshops

For creatives who wish to elaborate on their knowledge of poetry and release their inner visionary, I provide poetry workshops to personally guide and inspire the written artist within you!