Culture & Soul

A Measure of Self-Value


You are a vision of Beauty.

A beautiful soul that cannot be permitted to weakness,

nor correlate amidst superficial shallows.

Today’s beauty is tomorrows disregard.

You exist seeking to belong,

seeking to settle dust which shrouds you,

which lingers in your presence.

The chaos;

the mischief which bound to you willingly from the origins

Of time herself.

And yet to be accepted within today’s society you must sacrifice such mighty

wilderness which rages within your soul?

All for what?

A barren and ever- changeable canvas,

To be prey to society’s turbulent storms?

Why have you forgotten your journey when,

the essence of you bellows stability,

the essence of you, echo’s and whispers the core and heart of Venus and Mercury.

Your very heart was designed from the oceans of Mars, and solar seas.

To sacrifice all which resides within your very being for foundations

which crumble as we speak,

is indeed tangling oneself in unnecessary melancholy.

For one to establish a very measure of your value,

Is to sing hymns to the end of time and earth itself.


Fatima Elmusbahi