Meditations & Mindfulness

A Journey Back to Yourself: The Raw You  


Self-love is a constant expression of compassion. Believe it or not, compassion is not a characteristic, or an attribute you have, it is a skill that you discover, and nurture for yourself, by living with the intention of loving yourself unconditionally. You actively seek to understand yourself, accept yourself and ultimately forgive all that you believed may have wronged you at a certain point.


While, by no means is life ever perfect, we all cut ourselves on the turned pages of life, we all have trauma and deep inner reflections which perhaps showcase how we live with ourselves. Yet, self-love is essentially a declaration to where you re-write everyday lived up until now, and accept that process wholeheartedly, by viewing it with compassion and empathy; not hatred, scrutiny or resentment. These negative forces which you happen to feel when you look back on the life that you have lived, do more than exist within that very moment of reflection. In fact, they linger within your spirit, and STOP you from living with the most wholehearted constancy that you are.


While it is completely normal to feel remorse, pain, anxiety and loss of control, these emotions are actually just a passing moment to teach you. They never should remain, as the constance that you are is far greater in presence and fortitude. We all make mistakes, who doesn’t? Yet, the moment you view them as a rendezvous for knowing yourself better, is the moment you realise you will never be defined by any one moment. You are defined by the love and compassion that you allow to seep into the roots and hearts of us all. Yet, how can you ever fulfil this unified you, if you cannot embark embodying such love to yourself first? After all, the way that we meet life, people, nature etc. is a reflection of the depth and sincerity that we have already met ourselves. Read that again. Life will always be as concentrated or as diluted as the love you feed to your soul first. You are the origin of what you want to see in your future.


That is right. You come first. You always have. Life began when you were in fact, present in your truest ‘raw self’; slowly influenced, cultural contexts and parenting infiltrated you to the being you happen to be today. While self-love is far beyond protecting yourself from any blame and pointing that compass elsewhere, it actually involves you facing those locked memories and fears from the past and seizing responsibility to heal and re-nurture yourself once again. We call this an inner child healing. Have you ever gone back to a memory from long ago and actually played out the events via journaling or reflection? You will actually see that the fears and limitations you have moulded yourself around today, actually root from a smaller mind of a child who allowed such moments of insecurity to define their entire life. Your heart was pure, your heart was fragile, but the break was necessary for you to be able to distinguish the boundaries, and separate need from want. The important thing here is, anything that happened does not define you, but rather should allow you to gain a new-found respect for yourself.


While we have 7.6 billion lives on the planet right now, simultaneously making decisions, I wonder how many of those decisions are actually formed based on the principles of unconditional self-love? We often think that to be happy we need something physically manifested to represent that happiness, yet what we always neglect and fail to comprehend is, we came on this beautiful planet earth, with nothing but ourselves. All we came armed with, was a soul, a smile and the courage to believe in ourselves blindly. Do not equate your self-worth with passing whims, you are here today, just as you were yesterday. How many anchors within this world have managed to stay grounded such as you?


Remember the world today has been built up from the greed of individuals, who want to profit from these imaginary so-called insecurities that we are all supposed to have. But at the end of the day, you are raw, you are beautiful, and you are human. There is no other exemplary copy who could do you better, then you. We all originated from a passage of time, and all our fragments will be a remedy of the future.


Just wait and see.


Love, light and all that is good,


Fatima Elmusbahi